KeysMe Mission To Mars Desk Mat

KeysMe Mission To Mars Desk Mat

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Material:Mercerized Fabric

layout US TKL(87 keys)
2.4GHz/bluetooth name KEYSME Lunar 01
compatible system macos/windows/android/ios
hot-swappable support yes
5-pin MX switches support yes
Stabilizer Gateron Screw-in PCB StabilizerPre-Travel: 1.2mm &
Total Travel: 3.4mmSupporting longer stem switches
n-key rollover support yes
backlight South-facing RGB-LED
connection type usb type-c2.4GHz wirelessBluetooth 5.1 BLE
polling rate Wired 1000Hz2.4GHz 1000HzBluetooth 125Hz
device number 5= Wired + 2.4GHz + 3 x Bluetooth
Angle 3
Driver windows
Pick-up lamp With the pickup lamp removed, it can be used as a phone or tablet standPickup lamp bottom groove is compatible with Lego
Fidget Spinner Rocket
Non-illuminated version

Quick Disassembly Shell PC
Quick Disassembly Case PC
plate PC
sound-dampening pad silicone
under switches cushion EVA
under PCBA cushion silicone
Top Gasket 14 x silicone
gasket 14 x poron

power and battery
battery capacity: 4000mAh/3.7V/14.8Wh
working time (all lights on) Continuous and uninterrupted use 14~18 hours (lab test result)
working time (all lights off) Continuous and uninterrupted
use up to 100 hours (lab test result)

dimensions 368.5mm x 152mm x 47.5mm
weight(with Dye-Sub keycaps) 1.32Kg

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Mission To Mars.
KeysMe Exclusive Desk Mat.

The Mission to Mars desk mat from KeysMe Exlusive is a way to show the blueprint-style Mars 03 sapceship keyboard design and science-oriented style in your desk setup, all with a smooth, comfortable performance. Great match for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.


Top-Notch Material.
Ultra-Smooth Surface.

Featured with a high-density, low-fiction mercerized fabric surface that provides an excellent feel. The desk mat is optimized for smooth and decent experience for mouse sensor and will work well at a variety of sensitivity levels.  


Non-Slip Base.
Anti-Fray Stitched Edges.

The slide-proof rubbery, non-slip base prevents the desk mat from bunching up to maintain smooth mouse movement throughout all of your gaming or work, plus the durable stitched edges ensure extra stablility protect the edges from fraying.

Large Space.
More Room To Spare.

More space for gaming and keyboard without compromising on size. Measuring 35 inches in length and 16 inches in width, this mat is big enough to fit any mouse-and-keyboard combo. At 3 millimeters thick, it has enough cushion to handle even the most intense work sessions.


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