Keysme keyboard wrist rest aluminum zinc alloy mars sand
Keysme keyboard wrist rest aluminum zinc alloy black knight
Keysme keyboard wrist rest aluminum zinc alloy mist blue
Keysme keyboard wrist rest aluminum zinc alloy mist pink
Keysme keyboard wrist rest aluminum zinc alloy

KeysMe Mars 03 Alloy Wrist Rest

Sale price$63.00
Color:Mars Sand

This is a pre-order product. Orders placed on 6th, June will be fulfilled on 30th, July.

Mission To Mars
KeysMe Alloy Wrist Rest


Introducing the KeysMe alloy wrist rest, this line of futuristic wrist rest will elevate more than just ergonomics, each depicting a far-out scene in the Mars and adding tasteful flair to any desktop. 


Strong And Supportive.
Luxurious Artwork In 4 Accents.

Encased in 6063 CNC Aluminum & die-casting Zinc alloy to preserve the artwork and featured vivid flowing-sand art panel, this wrist rest will feel as resilient as a boulder and it is born for maximum and optimal comfort. The manufacturing processes ensure plenty of stability with a gentle slope that provides just the right angle for even the longest typing sessions.

mars 03 alloy wrist rest flowing sand.gif__PID:7f588928-faa5-4a67-9ca0-44c210078bea

DEMENSION: 335.5*81.7*22.7mm

The flowing-sand panel is a handicraft, which is determined by the panel material and processing procedures. Due to the large panel area, it is unavoidable there will be some tiny scratches under the unpatterned area with no quicksand when facing the light. However, it is impossible to see the scratches when there is quicksand.

The wrist rest is designed with replaceable panels and we will provide panels of different materials for sale and offer open drawings in the future. You can also customize your own wrist rest to bring a more creative and personalized experience.