KeysMe keyboard silicone wrist rest flowing sand panel for tkl layout mechanical keyboard
KeysMe silicone wrist rest for TKL mechanical keyboard
KeysMe silicone wrist rest for mechanical keyboard pink
KeysMe keyboard silicone wrist rest for TKL layout mechanical keyboard
KeysMe keyboard silicone wrist rest for TKL layout mechanical keyboard
KeysMe keyboard silicone wrist rest for TKL layout mechanical keyboard

KeysMe 80% TKL Silicone Wrist Rest

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This is a pre-order product and we will start shipping from 26th, June.

KeysMe Silicone Wrist Rest
Rest Your Wrists In Multiple Styles


Available in unique styles with different colorways - Lucky Poker,  Astrologers, Mission To Mars, and featured a replaceable sparkling flowing-sand art panel, these eye-catching and aesthetic wrist rests makes the perfect addition to any desk setup in need of scenery and style. Your wrists, and your workspace, deserve nothing less.


Next Level Wrist Rest.
Premium Silicone Material.

Encased in premium silicone material keeps them from moving around on your desktop, the wrist rest is an exploratory, aspirational piece of kit that ties together rich, sophisticated pattern design with excellent attention to detail and it is obviously cool to look at. The wrist rests let you have the support you need and the style you crave. You can find the wrist rests nowhere but in KeysMe.


Demension: 359.4*88.4*20.3 mm
Compatible Keyboard Layout: 80%

The flowing-sand panel is a handicraft, which is determined by the panel material and processing procedures. Due to the large panel area, it is unavoidable there will be some tiny scratches under the unpatterned area with no quicksand when facing the light. However, it is impossible to see the scratches when there is quicksand.

The wrist rest is designed with replaceable panels and we will provide panels of different materials for sale and offer open drawings in the future. You can also customize your own wrist rest to bring a more creative and personalized experience.