KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot-swappable Gateron Mars switch for Windows Mac Mars Sand color
KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot-swappable Gateron Mars switch for Windows Mac Black Knight color
KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot-swappable Gateron Mars switch for Windows Mac Mist Blue color
KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot-swappable Gateron Weightlessness switch for Windows Mac Mars Sand color
KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot-swappable Gateron Weightlessness switch for Windows Mac Black Knight color
KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot-swappable Gateron Weightlessness switch for Windows Mac Mist Blue color

【Pre-Order】KeysMe Mars 03 Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Sale price$330.00
Version:Base Kit
Color:Mars Sand
Switch:Gateron Mars Switch

*This is a Pre-Sale version. The Pre-order for limited edition is done on March 31st and now it is the pre-order for mass production version of Mars 03.*

*This time we offer Base Kit for you to order. The Base Kit is not equipped with keycaps and rocket-ship magnetic fidget spinners. You can add keycap sets or fidget spinners or other accessories you want on the page.*

*The pre-order orders for Mars 03 limited edition during March 1st - 31st will be shipped around May. The Mars 03 limited edition, which are constructed with a fancy brass badge, plus a dedicated serial number on the keyboard.*

*Pre-order orders for Mars 03 limited edition can be cancelled within March 1st - 31st. Customers cannot cancel order after March 31st.*

Keyboard Package Content:

1 x KeysMe Mars 03 keyboard Base Kit

1 x User Manual

1 x Cabel USB-C to USB-A

1 x 2.4GHz Dongle

1 x Keycap & Switch Puller

1 x Screwdriver

*Buy Mars 03, Get Gateron Switch Tester For Free.*

Notice: *Since the customized parts of Mars 03 limited version keyboard come in many colors, it takes time to debug and test the finished product, and shipment for the first stage Pre-orders for Mars 03 limited edition during 1st - 31st March will be fulfilled before 25th June*

*The pre-order for Mars 03 mass production version will be fulfilled before 30th July.*

KeysMe Mars 03

Cutting-Edge Performance.
Explore Mars At Your Fingertips.


Introducing the KeysMe Mars 03, an aesthetically impressive Mars-theme custom mechanical keyboard that's equal parts capable and whimsical. Equipped with our sophisticated design and engineering, including gasket mount design, three-mode connection, rocket-ship magnetic fidget spinner, etc, the Mars 03 is ready to take you all the way up to Mars and deliver you an ultimate typing experience.


Excellent Multitasker.
Wireless And Wired.

Achieving seamless multitasking across your laptop, phone, or tablet by connecting the Mars 03 with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth or a single device with 2.4GHz or type-c wired option. (The polling rate is 1000Hz right out of the box on both 2.4GHz and type-c wired mode.) Switching the devices swifty, Mars 03 is the best multitasker for home, office, and gaming.

It also supports iOS, Android, macOS, and windows and we also provide our own console driver for you to customize any keys you want. When plugged in via USB, you can charge and play the board simultaneously. 


Gasket Mount Design.
Acoustic Upgrade Kit.
Purifier For Typing Sound.

Engineered with the innovative gasket mount design, along with Poron foam under the FR4 metal
plate and  bottom frame sound absorbing foam to reduce the acoustic resonance and noise between the metals while still maintains the flexibility. We also added the IXPE switch foam and PET switch foam, which both precisely sitting right between the PCB and switches.  This achieves a pleasant dampening function without any effect to keyboard performance, complementing the already-satisfying gasket-mounted action.

Combined with our exclusive Mars and Weightlessness switch, Mars 03 offers you the ultimately perfect and satisfying typing sound.

You can customize and adjust each component with ease to get your desired typing sound. On top of that, we also offer open source for you to design the keyboard structure.


A Breakthrough
In Design & Production.

Available in 3 color schemes, the black knight, Mars sand, and mist blue, Mars 03 keyboard streamlined body is meticulously crafted from premium CNC 6063 aluminum & Zinc alloy and it undergoes advanced manufacturing stages just to ensure an extremely solid feel and top-tier quality. The Mars 03 is also engineered with a hefty stainless steel badge.


The innovative five-way joystick allows the LCD screen to perfectly achieve functions like adjusting volume, displaying time or uploaded personalized images, etc. You can also customize the joystick to any desired key to enhance your workflow.


Every detail is carefully crafted and optimized for the best experience for the Mars 03 spaceship keyboard. Integrated the dual bearing turbine design into a compact form and crafted with CNC Brass and die-casting Zinc alloy, the KeysMe’s signature rocket-ship side-mounted magnetic fidget spinner is precisely tensioned for your creativity for spending long hours at the desk. 

Mars 03 Rocket show.gif__PID:b14288f6-171a-4fba-a90e-69ac163770d0

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For The Pro.
Programmable Mars 03.

With the ability to remap any keys, create macro commands, shortcuts,  key combinations and customize RGB through our programmable software to embrace endless possibilities for a fluid workflow. 

KeysMe Mars 03 spaceship mechanical keyboard programmable qmk.png__PID:61654267-45da-4986-b8b4-854604ee08a8

Durable & Stylish.
Premium Typing Feel.

This time KeysMe releases two sets of dye-sub PBT keycap sets featured with stylish yet futuristic colorways to take the spirit of adventure to Mars: The Space Exploration Keycap Set and The Mission To Mars Keycap Set. Thanks to the unique semi-transparent design, the Mission To Mars keycap set will perfectly present the backlight combined with north-facing RGB-LED.


Sculpted in the special KDA profile, which combines the popular height of Cherry profile with the shapes of SA profile in a concave row configuration to meet your fingers as they type, the feel of keycaps is out of this world. Each keycap is made of a resilient PBT with dye-sublimation that is grease-resistant and durable for daily use, which ensures a like-new look for many new years to come.


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Gateron X KeysMe.
Next Level Switch.

KeysMe teamed up with Gateron to launch the exclusive Mars and Weightlessness switches. Comes with factory pre-lubed, they are designed to perform a new level of smoothness in each keystroke and significantly wobble less than regular mechanical switch, providing satisfyingly response and creamy sound across your whole keyboard and delivering a dedicated typing experience. 

The nylon housing with x-styled stem also features 5-pin build for versatile compatibility, plus gold alloy contacts for even more resilience. Together with short travel, you will have a truly rich and unrivaled smoothest experience for gaming. Among linear and tactile offerings, they are the switches optimized for an authentic, ultra-consistent and smooth feel you'll be keen for.


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Pull Out & Pop In.
Customize Your Typing.

To further improve and customize your own typing experience, Mars 03 is a hot-swappable board where you can pull out every switch in seconds and pop in with almost all of the 3pin and 5pin MX style mechanical switches on the market you want without soldering required. 


Ergonomical Support.
Landing On The Mars.

Finally an aluminum custom mechanical keyboard that offers ergonomically adjustable feet, 5° or 8°, which makes the Mars 03 more comfortable to type on. Optimize your typing



Quality Build & Visually Aesthetic.
In 4 Colorway.

New from KeysMe, this line of sci-fi wrist rest will elevate more than just ergonomics, each depicting a far-out scene in the Mars and adding tasteful flair to any desktop. Encased in 6063 CNC Aluminum & die-casting Zinc alloy to preserve the artwork and featured vivid flowing-sand panel , this wrist rest will feel as resilient as a boulder and it is born for maximum and optimal comfort.

Get yours in 75% size to match the Mars 03 or your keyboard, and lay your hands on the Mars once and for all.  


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KeysMe Exclusive.

The Mission to Mars deskmat from KeysMe Exlusive is a way to show the blueprint-style Mars 03 sapceship keyboard design and science-oriented style in your desk setup, all with a smooth, comfortable performance. 

Made with a high-density, low-fiction mercerized fabric topper for excellent feel, while the natural rubbery, non-slip base ensures stability, plus the stitched edges, this desk mat makes friction-free surface for all your gear and it is built for the long haul. 


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Latest Review

forbes logo.png__PID:54de44ad-1969-472a-add9-77137e4bf42e

"The KeysMe Mars 03 one of the nicest-looking keyboards on the market in terms of its form and function. The latency is incredibly responsive and the pre-lubed Gateron switches are as smooth as butter."

hamaji neo logoo.jpg__PID:562aba24-8df8-4874-b287-73b0805de6dd

"The Mars 03  is a 75% keyboard and it comes with switches and stabilizers already installed a joystick and even a screen on the top right. The overall build quality of the keyboard is a solid 8 out of 10. There was clearly a lot of thought that went into the keyboard and it came out pretty well."


"It continues with the space exploration theme but takes it to the next level with a full aluminum chassis complete with spaceship-like tilt feet, an LCD screen, a joystick, and an exposed, highly decorated switch plate. Internally, it uses a gasket mount design and layers of sound dampening, sound enhancing foam."


"It’s not just stylish but also totally fun. With all the fancy stuff like gasket mount design, three different connection modes, and even a rocket-ship magnetic fidget spinner, the Mars 03 is like your ticket to typing paradise. It’s gonna take you on a wild ride all the way to Mars."


"What I probably that if you are looking for a unique experience when it comes down to a custom mechanical keyboard I feel like the Mars 03 hit it right on the spot. Because out of the box you are kind of really given a canva to be able to customize down to the way you want."

channels4_profile (1).jpg__PID:0b746a5c-27d0-4d5f-aa25-2ac18df8199b

"This is the perfect keyboard for my space themed setup. I don't think I've ever owned one as cool as this! The Glitter wrist rest is so beautiful and the custom animations you can have on the screen are a dream truly obsessed with this keyboard and the findget spinners! "


"The desk mat and the wrist rest really do complete the look and they don't feel cheap to the touch nor do they look cheap in person but most of all the typing experience of the Mars 03 is something that I really have been enjoying as of late. This keyboard surprised me in a good way."


"The feel and sound of the keys are quite good. The various internal foams and pads make the noise is well reduced, also the combination of a soft gasket mount and flex-cut plate absorb the shock of the keystrokes and in combination of the creamy switches, the overall keystroke is quite good. "


Body MaterialCNC machined aluminum & Zinc alloyPlate MaterialFR4 metal plate
BacklightNouth-facing RGB LEDWorking Time (Backlit off) 17~20 hours (lab test result)
Polling Rate1000 Hz (wired) / 125 Hz (wireless)Working Time (RGB) 10 hours (lab test result)
Battery4000 mAh Rechargeable li-polymer batteryStabilizerGateron plate mounted stabilizers
Compatible SystemmacOS/Windows/iOS/AndroidSwitch (Base Kit)Gateron Mars Switch / Gateron Weightlessness Switch 
Layout75% ANSI (80 Keys)Hot-SwappableYes
N-Key Rollover (NKRO)Yes Dimension364.5*146.5*49.6 mm
Connection2.4GHz/Bluetooth/USB Type-C
Weight (Base Kit)1.83 KG
Bluetooth Version 5.12.4GHz / Bluetooth NameKeysMe Mars 03