KeysMe Mars 03 Project - The Next Level Spaceship Custom Mechanical Keyboard 

This year KeysMe introduce a new spaceship mechanical keyboard project, the Mars 03 keyboard, with a next level outlook design and top-notch quality that every keyboard enthusiasts wouldn't like to miss. 

The new keyboard project name - Mission To Mars. Mars has been a mystery for many centuries and it is a planet that has captured the imaginations of people. Now here is a chance for you to be the captain of this powerful space-ship keyboard, Mars 03, to explore Mars at your fingertips.


Every detail of Mars 03 is carefully crafted and optimized for the best experience. What Mars 03 keyboard features:

  • Wireless and wired mode, which can be connected with up to 5 devices via Bluetooth or 2.4 Hz or type-c cable for multitasking.
  • CNC aluminum & Zn alloy streamlined body, which provides extremely solid feel and premium quality.
  • Double gasket mount design delivers ultimately perfect and impressive typing sound as well as moderate flexiblity.
  • 100% Compatible with iOS, Wins, Android & MacOS.
  • Next level mechanical keyboard switch - Gateron x KeysMe exclusive pre-lubed Mars switch and weightlessness switch, giving a premium smooth and tactile typing feel.
  • Hot-swappable, which allows to customize your own typing experience in seconds.
  • Two Mars-theme keycap set to choose, KDA Dye-Sub PBT keycap set and KOL Dye-Sub PBT keycap set. The PBT material ensures that legends never wear out.
  • LCD Screen & five-way joystick, which achieves time display, volume and visual adjustment.
  • KeysMe’s signature dual-turbine designed rocket-ship magnetic fidget spinner that sits along each side. 
  • KeysMe software support, enabling to remap any keys, create macro commands, or change backlight.
  • Zn Alloy feet makes the keyboard more comfortable to type on.
  • The Mars 03 keyboard is equipped with a stainless steel badge, aesthetic for any desk setup.  

The Mars 03 keyboard is a pre-order product and this time we release a limited edition for pre-order during March 1st to March 31st. The limited edition is constructed with a fancy brass badge, plus a dedicated serial number on the keyboard. All the pre-order orders of Mars 03 limited edition will be shipped out around May. 

So far we have received so many orders and we are so grateful to get the huge encouragement and support from each Mars captain.

The first stage of Mars 03 pre-order during March 1st to March 31st is finished now and right now the second round pre-order is beginning. The journey still continues and we hope you can join the KeysMe to explore everything about space just right at your fingertips. Check out the Mars 03 product page for more information.