KeysMe X Gateron - Gateron Mars Switch And Gateron Weightlessness Switch

If you are typing on a mechanical keyboad, then you probably know that switch is the heart of a keyboard and it is also the key to enhance your creative workflow. There are a lot of mechanical switch on the market and Gateron switches are currently recognized as the smoothest mass-produced switches you can buy. The silky smoothness is the main characteristic of the Gateron switches, it is even smoother than the Cherry switches. You can't miss the Gateron switch if you like mechanical switches and enjoy a smooth typing feeling.

This year KeysMe has partnered with Gateron to launch the exclusive Mars switch and Weightlessness switch and apply them to all the KeysMe mechanical keyboards. They both come with factory pre-lubed and they are designed to perform a new level of smoothness in each keystroke and significantly wobble less than regular mechanical switch, providing satifyingly response and creamy sound across your whole keyboard and delivering a dedicated typing experience.

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Gateron Mars Switches

The pressure of Gateron Mars switch is moderate, light, and prolonged periods of typing will not feel tired. They are suitable for a variety of scenarios. The 1.2 millimeters of pre-travel and 3.6 millimeters of actuator travel provides a slightly shorter roundtrip for quicker typing and gaming. If you love the sound and typing feel of Gateron red switch, then you probably would like to get the Gateron Mars switch, which is more premium and well-perform compared to it, plus a pretty decent smooth typing feel a creamy thocky typing sound. 


Gateron Weightlessness Switches

The Gateron Weightlessness switch has the characteristics of both the linear and clicky switches. The vertical press still feels smooth, but also has the obvious feeling of a bump as the 50 grams of required actuation force ensure an impressively substantial keystroke. The feedback of the Gateron Weightlessness switch is rigid, but it doesn’t need heavy force to be triggered. For people who like to have a sense of pressure, more rigid, and fast rebound, this is best for them.  


Both Gateron Mars switch and Gateron Weightlessness switch are featured with gold-plated stainless steel ensures durability that holds up over millions of actuations. It is 5-pin hot-swappable and come lightly pre-lubricated from the factory, so they’ll fit right in on most boards.

Gateron Mars Switch Sound Test 

Gateron Weightlessness Switch Sound Test