Introducing KeysMe Lunar 01 - World's First Spaceship Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Your desk setup is more than just a space – it's a statement. Introducing the KeysMe Lunar 01, the world's first spaceship custom mechanical keyboard. If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard with futuristic design and high-end performance, then Lunar 01 is the best keyboard option you can select. 

Lunar 01 is launched to Kickstarter with a modest $40,000 HK goal (about $5,100 USD) and ended at $322,410 HK raised. It is a stylish and fully customizable keyboard that allows you to personalize the perfect keyboard look, feel and sound exactly as wish, for an efficient and satisfying typing experience. With the Innovative gasket mount, Lunar 01’s keyboard can be used with or without a plate, you can adjust the material, quantity, and position of the gasket to obtain the desired elastic feel.

keysme lunar 01 spaceship custom wireless mechanical keyboard hot swapple Gateron switch rocket ship fidget spinner hot swappable.jpg__PID:ee2138c6-67e1-43c4-84a0-4f4621115472

We release Lunar 01 with five different accents for customer to choose. They are Lunar white, Hole Black, Ghost Ship, Crystal Blue and Caramel Latte. Let's take a look at the key features of Lunar 01.

Wide Range Of Compatibility

One keyboard for different PC operating systems. KeysMe Lunar 01 is fully compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS, as well as Android. The keyboard comes with a system toggle and just simply switch the toggle to adjust the system you want. 

Wired And Wireless Mode

Lunar 01 keyboard can be connected with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth mode or to a single device with the USB Type-C wired option. Pair it up with your smartphone, laptop and iPad, and switch amongst the devices swiftly, that is best for home, office and light gaming uses.

Innovative Gasket Mount Design

Equipped with the Innovative gasket mount design, Lunar 01 keyboard can be used with or without a plate, you can adjust the material, quantity, and position of the gasket to obtain the desired elastic feel. We added silicone pads between the top and bottom cases and switch pad to significantly reduce the acoustic resonance between the metals and reduce the noise of the impacted metals.

Quick-Release Structure

Most customized keyboards need to be unscrewed to disassemble. Lunar 01 has a quick-release structure design on the back of the keyboard. With the complimentary crowbar, it is easy and convenient to remove the bottom case. Open the bottom in 3 seconds to create your ultimate typing experience.

Programmable Knob & RGB 

KeysMe has its own software for keyboard enthusiasts to remap keys, knob, and RGB of the board for endless possibilities for a fluid workflow. Designed to enhance your creative workflow, the rotary encoder allows you easily customize the knob to your desired key or macro commands, adjusting screen brightness, brush size, volume, selecting video clips or photos, or backlight hue.

Signature Rocket-Ship Magnetic Fidget Spinner

We combines all of the creativity of the Lunar and meshes it with custom mechanical keyboards. The fidget spinner mount on either side of the keyboard and can be removed when you need something other than a keyboard to occupy your fingers. It is a perfect tool to help you relax and maintain focus.

KDA Profile Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set

We apply the KDA double-shot keycap set with premium non-backlight shine through PBT material, that is oil-resistant and durable for long-term use for Lunar 01 keyboard. The keycap is perfect for all tilt angles of the keyboard, optimizing your input experience and improving input efficiency.

Multifunctional Pick Up Lamp

Lunar 01 is enigneered with the detachable pickup lamp, which can light effects will be changed when you type on the keyboard. With the pickup lamp removed, it can be used as a phone or tablet stand.


To further improve and customize your own typing experience, Lunar 01 is a hot-swappable board where you can pull out every switch in seconds and pop in with other mechancial switches without soldering required.

Gateron Mar Switch & Gateron Weightlessness Switch

This time we teamed up with Gateron to launch the exclusive Mars switches and Weightlessness switches. Comes with factory pre-lubed, it is designed to perform a new level of smoothness in each keystroke and significantly wobble less than regular mechanical switch, providing satifyingly response across your whole keyboard and delivering a dedicated typing experience.

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At KeysMe, we believe that a great keyboard is more than just a tool for typing, it's a work of art that can enhance your productivity and creativity. That's why we bring the spaceship custom mechanical keyboard to the world, it is designed to revolutionize the way you work and type. So why settle for a boring, generic keyboard when you can have Lunar 01?